January 2021

Prayers of the Bible: My Shield

Prayers of the Bible: Dedication, Forgiveness and Revival

December 2020

Prayer of Power

Prayer Service (entire recording)

Elijah, Down But Not Out

Mary did you know . . .?

November 2020


Trusting and Giving

There She Is . . . Miss Persia

Run, Elisha, Run!!

Solomon: One Thing I Ask

October 2020

David: What Giant?

Does Our Singing Matter?

Moses: Leadership and Pressure

September 2020

How do we define success?

How long, Lord, How Long?

How do I face a tomorrow that I cannot see when I cannot see an end to today?

Is It Ok to Worry?

August 2020

How Important is Baptism?

What’s New

How Are We Saved?

July 2020

What is my responsibility to my fellow Christian?

Can I Show Favoritism?

What about being rich?

June 2020

Is it ok to doubt?

Raising the Bar


Love, Love and Love

May 2020

Hear, O Israel . . .

Why It Matters What I Believe

What Kind of Neighbor Am I?

April 2020

Why I Have Hope

Stories of Faith

New Hope New Life

The God who is Seen

March 2020

In Need of Healing

A Tale of Two Men

But It’s Not Fair

God Shops the Clearance Racks

Beware of Shortcuts!

February 2020

The Waiting Room


2020: All In – Reaching Out

2020 All In: Community Counts

January 2020

2020 All In: Resources

2020 All In: Ministry Model

2020 All In: Moving or Just Meeting?

December 2019

Journey from Bethlehem: Share

Journey to Bethlehem: Joy

Got Hope?

Journey to Bethlehem: Love

Peace, Perfect Peace

November 2019

Being Joyously Thankful

Believe and Live Forever

Love: To and From

Testing The Spirit or the Ears?

October 2019

Love: The Ultimate Test

Can You Imagine?

The God who Sees


September 2019

Misplaced Affection

Communing and Living with God

Mission from Brazil

August 2019

Who Are We? What Are We? How Are We…?

Membership Has Its Privileges

Back to School

Happily Ever After

July 2019


Ananias: An Ordinary Man

Promises Kept

Digging & Drinking

June 2019

Faith of Our Parents

Failure & Success


Trust or Not to Trust

Prayer: Y-Yield

May 2019

Prayer: A-Admit

Prayer: R-Request

Prayer: P-Praise


Prayer Changes Everything

April 2019

The Church