July 2024

What About Grief

Blessed is the Destitute

June 2024

Living the Blessed Life!




May 2024

Ananias An Ordinary Man

Faith in the Midst of the Gigantic

Created to Serve

Now What

April 2024

Why Do We Practice Baptism Part2

Why Do We Practice Baptism

The Anchor of Salvation


Honest About Our Doubts

March 2024

Monday Church

Vertical & Horizontal Worship


Preached Unto Him Jesus

February 2024

When Trouble Comes

The House of The Lord

Jesus on Forgiveness Part 2

January 2024

It’s Just Not Fair


Jesus on Forgiveness


One Thing

Jesus and the Walk

December 2023

Getting the Body in Shape

A Time for Hope

When Full Barns Don’t Matter

Knowing Jesus

November 2023

Joyously Thankful

Workers in the Kingdom

Sleeping on the Job

Big Love, Little Love

October 2023

Our Gracious God

Plant, Wait, and Pray

Sheep and the Goats

Life On a Boat

How It’s Going

September 2023

The Story of The Pharisee & The Tax Collector

How It Started… How It’s Going

Love Always

Tough Love

March 2023

A Vision That Unites

February 2023



Gideon God’s Transforming Presence

June 2022

James: Don’t Cross People of the Cross!?!

James: Say Ahhh!

May 2022

James: Playing Favorites

James: Hearing Clearly

January 2022

In Need of Healing

December 2021

The Day After Christmas

Mary’s Faith

A Shepherd’s Faith

The Ancestors of Christmas

November 2021

Light Into Darkness

Inadequate for the Task

Characters God Uses (Then and Now)

October 2021

Gigantic Courage

Seeing God in Johah

Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness

Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness

September 2021

Fruit of the Spirit: Self Control

Fruit of the Spirit: Patience

August 2021

Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

Love, True Love!


Longing for Heaven

What Are You Waiting For?

July 2021

Help That Can Only Come From Heaven

Freed for Living

Freed for Freedom

June 2021

Membership Has Its Privileges

Master the Tempest is Raging

Only One?

Jesus Can Do What?

May 2021

Biggest Church Meal Ever!

What Has The Master Given?

The Persistent Mom

Miracles: The Faith of Four Friends

April 2021

Restoring a Friend

Hope of Easter: Future

March 2021

Hope of Easter: Present

The Hope of Easter: Past