The Word fo God. . .From Stone to Flesh by Terry Rush

God first gave mankind instruction written in stone. We would know this as the Ten Commandments. It was the Law. Such was presented to be hard and rigidly concrete as if set in…stone. The Law was given to reflect man’s hardness of heart.

But, later on, along came Jesus. The message from God, displayed within His Son, shifted from hardness to flesh. The transition is forever impactive because the adjustment was from concepts and principles to nature..our new nature. The former is unyielding.  The latter? Perpetually flexible.

Is is any wonder that it is much easier to lay down the law than it is to lay down our lives? One comes from hearts of stone. The latter flows from hearts of love. The Holy Spirit ushers in the latter by PERSON-ally (via Jesus) flowing through our hearts day by day.

Don’t be a religious grump. Be a spiritual carer of people. Dare to let others see you as one who cares; not one who scares.

-Terry Rush

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