Two Places of Birth Upon Earth by Terry Rush

One of God’s powers among and within us is the awareness to be thankful. I know that many of you have terribly rough times; genuinely so with absolutely no doubt about the intensity nor the struggle. Yet, I want to be one of those voices in your midst that would encourage you to look for the blessings, His provisionary blessings, within the region of each challenge.
For every stress we deem substantial, someone else has a much larger one that they would be very happy to trade for ours. This doesn’t diminish our serious load. It does, hopefully, bring about a perspective that we may find reason to be thankful.
God came to earth as a man specifically to be subjected to brokenness; our brokenness. Not only does He understand our stresses, He beat them…every…one…of…them.
We do not deny the trials nor the tribulations seemingly everywhere we turn. And neither do we ever submit ourselves to that deceitful temptation of hopelessness. Nope…not once.
God is the very author of life…two places of birth upon earth…life from the womb and life from the tomb. Both…give such an incredible signal of, “You’ve got to be kidding me! This…is just awesome!”

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